Operational Readiness Training Complex Phase 2

Dollar Value of Project
  • $37,400,000
Location of Work
  • Orchard Training Area, 33400 S. Orchard Access Road, Boise, ID 83716
  • Jeff Hill, CFMO – USPFO for Idaho
Project Description

Construction of (2) three floor 45,817 square foot 300 bed Barracks, a two floor 22,579 square foot Officers’ Quarters, a 11,237 square foot Battalion Headquarters, a 19,579 square foot Company Supply & Administration building, a 11,854 square foot Vehicle Maintenance building, (6) Company Sheds, and associated roads, 8-acre hardstand for military vehicles, parking lot, walks, security fencing, landscaping, sewer service, electrical service, data service, and natural gas service. Improvements to existing lagoon waste water system included the addition of a new lagoon settling pond, drainage field, surface aerators, lift stations and pumps.

Project site was 50+ acres. All buildings were constructed out of CMU and structural steel with a brick veneer finish. Multiple story buildings included hollow-core decking for 2nd and 3rd story floors. The HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems are DDC controlled. Please see attached interim CPARS rating.


“Western States set such a high standard I will never find another General Contractor I’d rather work with.”

  • Tom, ML Masonry

“The contractor demonstrated exceptional attention to detail by identifying errors, omissions, and ambiguities within the design. By addressing these details, the contractor acted in the best interest of the government and added value to the facility. These are just a few of the multiple issues that were resolved through WSC’s focus on quality.”

  • Patrick Burry, Contracting Specialist, USPFO for Idaho
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